Blackhawk King Air B200

The dream of owning a share in the aircraft that will elevate your standards of future travel is within reach; whether it be for business or a trip with friends and family; getting from point A to point B never looked this good. With the new Blackhawk modifications you’re not just covering more distance faster, you’re getting there without the hassles of waiting at an airport and the peace of mind in knowing that all your travel plans have already been taken care of. 


Platinum PlaneOptions Progam

Our fleet is conveniently located at F45, North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport with access to wherever. We understand that travel flexibility is vital to our owners; so our team of aviation experts handle every trip detail, from catering to maintenance. All you have to do is tell us where you’re going and when you want to leave. As a shared ownership member in the Platinum PlaneOptions program, you’ll benefit from the freedom that comes with owning an aircraft without any of the traditional hassles of ownership. Through our innovative program, the members enjoy the benefits of unlimited prioritized usage while limiting expenses by sharing the costs of aircraft ownership. 



The Blackhawk King Air B200 gets you closer to your destination, faster. Whether it involves landing at smaller airports, bypassing the check-in and TSA lines that come with commercial airline travel, you'll get there sooner, happier. The Blackhawk modification gives you higher speeds and better range than any standard King Air with the reliability of two powerful turbine engines. The pressurized cabin has enough space to store all your baggage for your next adventure, and the increased service ceiling enables you to fly above most weather that would keep you otherwise waiting in the terminal . The Blackhawk with the Garmin G1000 glass panel avionics has the best resale value of any upgrade on the market.


Why PlaneOptions

So why purchase a share or buy a membership?  It's not just a matter of convenience. A share or a membership program provides the ability to gain all the ownership benefits while limiting worries such as maintenance requirements, crew hiring, payroll, scheduling, hangaring etc. With the PlaneOptions program owners  know the costs upfront, they eliminate operational and management responsibility and could be eligible for tax and depreciation benefits.