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Horsepower: 110                                            Weight: 1,675 lbs

Cruise Speed: 111 kts                                        Fuel Capacity: 26 gal

Stall Speed (dirty): 43 kts                                 Range: 350 mi

Passengers: 2



Arguably one of the most successful training aircraft produced, the Cessna 152 is an efficient and affordable aircraft for aspiring pilots. In fact, many pilots at all levels can trace their first flights back to this two-seat trainer.

Don’t be fooled though, this is not your typical training 152! Our Cessna 152 comes equipped with an Aspen Electronic Flight Display which will introduce you to the concepts and presentation found in today’s “glass panel” aircraft. You’ll find the 152 is a great basic trainer for Private, Instrument, time-building, or to simply maintain currency.