Redbird Flight Simulator


Redbird FMX


Experience fully enclosed cockpit with 200º+ wrap around Hi Definition visuals of the highly detailed (Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D) worldwide geographical database. Complete control of your simulated environment means you can fly out of or into almost any airport, in any weather, any time day or night in the safe, comfortable and distraction free confines of our office. 

  • Our REDBIRD FMX is a high fidelity, FAA certified, Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that, brings affordable fullmotion, control loaded flight simulation to general aviation flight training. 
  • Log FAA approved “flight time” toward Private, Instrument, Commercial and ATP Certificates. Earn your Complex and High Performance endorsements. Complete Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC) and maintain Instrument currency all in the “sim.”
  • By reducing time and expense, the REDBIRD FMXcl is the safest, most efficient and cost effective way to learn and practice vital aviation skills.

Current Configurations (12.1.16)

  • Cessna Skyhawk C-172S with G1000 and KAP 140 autopilot.
  • Cessna Centurion C-210N with ADF, DME, Garmin 530/430 and KAP 140 autopilot.
  • Piper Seneca PA-34-200T turbo with ADF, DME, Garmin 530/430 and KAP 140 autopilot.
  • Cirrus SR22 G3 with G1000 Perspective (FMS), GFC700 autopilot and working BRS



Why should I train in a REDBIRD AATD?

The cockpit of an aircraft is not a great classroom! There is noise, traffic, clouds, ATC and other distractions that make it inefficient as a learning environment. The REDBIRD AATD is an excellent classroom and training tool where you can learn everything from basic flight maneuvers to complex instrument approaches. Here are a few of the advantages of using a simulator. 1. The “pause” button allows you to talk with your instructor about certain scenarios. 2. Failures can be much more effectively simulated in the safe environment of an AATD. 3. All weather scenarios can be simulated, like low visibility, strong winds, turbulence, and precipitation. You don’t need to wait for the perfect bad weather. 4. High availability. The simulator is rarely down for maintenance and never gone on a long cross-country excursion. 5. Efficiency. During any given time you can fly many more instrument approaches or practice visual landings in the simulator compared to an actual aircraft.

What is the cost to train in a REDBIRD AATD?

The REDBIRD AATD is only about 2/3 the hourly cost of most rental aircraft for training purposes. When training in more advanced aircraft, such as turbo-normalized, retractable and/or twin-engine aircraft, it may be only a small fraction of the hourly cost. The REDBIRD FMX simulator rents for $85.00 per hour, with block rates available with as few as 10 hours.

Why should I use the REDBIRD AATD instead of the airplane?

The REDBIRD AATD is an enhancement to the aircraft. The AATD is a much more conducive classroom than the aircraft when concepts and maneuvers are being taught. If you are having difficulty with a particular subject, for instance navigation with VORs or visualizing the landing flare, you can practice the maneuver many more times in the REDBIRD AATD than in the aircraft. Then when you go to the aircraft, you will easily apply what you’ve learned in the simulator. In many cases, the AATD is slightly more difficult to fly than the real aircraft. This is by design. So when you’ve mastered a procedure or concept in the simulator, you will frequently find the same elements somewhat easier to perform in the aircraft.

How realistic is the simulator?

VERY! In order to be certified as an AATD, it must replicate the look and feel of the aircraft. Our AATD uses advanced technologies for motion, control loading (feedback) and high definition 200+ degree wrap around visuals rendering the experience almost indistinguishable from the real aircraft.

Can I train in the same aircraft type in the REDBIRD AATD as I’m flying?

Most likely, yes. Our REDBIRD AATD currently supports 3 different aircraft for FAA approved training including the Cessna C-172 (G1000) Skyhawk, Cessna C-210 (traditional panel) Centurion and the twin engine Piper PA-34-200 (traditional panel) Seneca. All of the configurations include all instrumentation, flaps, trim, fully functional 3 axis autopilots and retractable landing gear in the Centurion and Seneca..

Is it approved by the FAA for training?

Absolutely. It is approved for 2.5 hours toward the Private Pilot Certificate; 20 hours toward the Instrument Rating; 50 hours toward the Commercial Certificate; and 25 hours toward the ATP Rating.

Is the REDBIRD AATD simulator just for pilots?

Absolutely not! The device can be used for all kinds of fun activities. Introduce a child to aviation. Give your significant other a gift certificate for fun. Arrange for a company outing for team-building. The possibilities are endless.

Does the FAA allow you to log time in an AATD?

Absolutely! Depending on the rating or certificate you are seeking, you may log creditable time spent training in the AATD. The FARs allow for: • Logging instrument flight experience, • Instrument rating (maximum 20 hours), • Private pilot certificate (maximum 2.5 hours), • Commercial pilot certificate (maximum 50 hours), • Commercial pilot practical test (per FAA-S-8081-12), • Airline transport pilot certificate (maximum 25 hours), • Airline transport pilot practical test (per FAA-S-8081-5)

Can the REDBIRD AATD be used for an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)?

Absolutely! Similar to the currency requirements, the AATD is ideal to perform an IPC. There is ample opportunity to cover the items in the Practical Test Standards (PTS) which are all fair game when doing an IPC.

Can I use the REDBIRD AATD for my Instrument Rating currency requirements?

Absolutely! In fact it is a fantastic way to not only meet the currency requirements, but to maintain proficiency as well. You can meet the FAA currency requirements in about one hour in the simulator. The equivalent work in the aircraft would require at least double that time. And, once your “checked out” with the AATD, you can do you currency work without the need for an instructor or a safety pilot.

Where can I fly in the AATD?

The database is world-wide. However most training with more accurate terrain data is performed in the United States. The simulator can fly to almost virtually airport in the US. Fly to a new airport? Familiarize yourself with the terrain, landmarks and the runway layout before you venture off. Wouldn’t it be great to practice the airport’s approaches to minimums in the simulator before going there?

Who can train in the REDBIRD AATD?

Anyone can receive training in the device. It is approved for training for the Private and Commercial certificates, and the Instrument, Multi-engine and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) ratings. In addition you can maintain currency for your Instrument rating using the device.

When can I use the AATD for training?

Any time! The REDBIRD AATD is particularly suited to train when the weather is not cooperating. It is well documented that pilot skills diminish rapidly when not used. Especially during training times, it is critical to continue practicing. The AATD allows you to practice VFR or IFR maneuvers even when the actual weather conditions are prohibitive.

Where is the REDBIRD AATD located?

North County’s Flight Training’s REDBIRD AATD is located at 11610 Aviation Blvd., Suite A1, West Palm Beach, FL 33412 at the North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport (F45) The phone number is 561-694-9282; email is

What benefit do I get from AATD training?

Aside from having a more efficient learning environment, using an AATD can significantly reduce the cost of training.

How can I reserve the device?

We provide an online scheduling system to reserve all of our aircraft including the REDBIRD AATD. And, should you wish to use it outside of normal business hours, we would be happy to make arrangements.

Who manufactures the REDBIRD AATD?

REDBIRD Flight Simulations of Austin, Texas manufacturers the FMX.

Can I do GPS/Autopilot training in the AATD?

Absolutely, The Redbird FMX fully simulates the most popular GPS navigators and and each configuration includes a fully functional 3 axis autopilot.

Does it support glass cockpit aircraft like those with Garmin G1000 avionics?

Yes! North County Flight Training’s REDBIRD FMX has a G1000 equipped C172 Skyhawk configuration for glass cockpit training.

Can I use the AATD for Private? Instrument? Commercial? ATP?

Absolutely! Not only is it beneficial to use toward the ratings, but also to remain proficient in your flying skills.

Can I use the AATD to brush up on my instrument flying skills?

Absolutely! Since the database is world-wide, you can practice the approaches and skills that are known to be used by the airlines during their simulator evaluation.